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stolen from another journal...

1. Go to www.google.com
2. Type in failure
3. Press the I'm feeling lucky button (instead of the google search one)
4. Laugh
5. Forward to others before the Google folks fix this!

Seriously, try this.
argh! i tried to go donate plasma again today. i had taken a multivitamin (with iron) last night and this morning. my iron level was STILL too low to donate (i'm a point below where i need to be). i did lose 4 pounds though since thursday.

i am so broke. i hate it.

Sep. 30th, 2005

ok, so i didn't do as badly as i thought on the lab practical. just saw my score and i got a 32/34. i actually thought it was out of 30, but whatever. our group score must have helped, but i still don't know how they figured that in.

i just got done with my anatomy lecture exam, which kind of sucked. there were a lot of answers that i was unsure of, particularly on the multiple choice section, which i had figured would be the easiest. hopefully they will have the scores posted for that over the weekend and i won't have to venture into B territory. i hate B's.

i'm heading up to akron after my therapy appointment today (which i WON'T forget about). hopefully the concert will be fun, although it's going to be pretty chilly for an outdoor show. doclegs, i figured out which gay club in akron i was talking about - it's the Interbelt (on Perkins/Main St). ever been?

ok, gotta go to chem class now.

blah blech blargh

i had my anatomy practical today. we got to go through it once on our own and then again, as a group, with our lab tables. going through as a group made me realize just how many answers i got wrong. they do some funky averaging of the two scores, so hopefully that will give me a boost.

haven't heard anything on the job front. i tried to go donate plasma today to get some cash and was turned away due to low iron.

i'm being forced to pick a major or apparently i can't register for winter quarter. I'M NOT TRYING TO GET A DEGREE, YOU JACKASSES. must figure out a way to fix this.

my amex bill came today. it is depressing to look at. fuck, i need a job.

must go study for my exam tomorrow.
i am so annoyed. i can't find my black gaucho pants anywhere. they are my most comfy, yet still kinda sorta dressy pants...and they are nowhere to be found. i've looked through my laundry basket, in my closet, in my drawers, in bags. ugh! how do i lose stuff like this?
having a blah day today.

the last 3 hours of class were spent studying for our anatomy lab practical on thursday. i also have an anatomy lecture exam on friday.

also trying to study for my 2nd pharmacology exam. it covers a ridiculous amount of drugs.

i took my resume to the restaurant i hope to get a job at. the woman i wanted to talk to (the general manager who does the hiring) was in a meeting, so i just had to leave my resume with one of the servers. i really hope they call. i'm sick of not having any money.

i think we are going out to dinner tonight, so that will be nice.

i'm trying to decide if i should go up to akron on friday night. i guess if i don't have a job, there's really no reason not to. i'll stay with my friend mary...she wants me to go to the oasis show. i don't really like oasis, but it's only $15 and there will be free booze and it will be outside.

woo hoo!

our grades from this evening's chem exam were posted already - i got a 97%! is it wrong that i'm kind of pissed i didn't get 100%? i think i mis-read microliters as milliliters and that screwed me up on one of the calculation questions. damn me and my skimming.

also saw that i got 9/10 on my lab quiz last week.

stolen from instantexpert

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