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fun link


You can take a test to pick which smiles are genuine and which are fake. I got 16/20 correct - go me!


ganked from trouble841

You Are Miss Piggy

A total princess and diva, you're totally in charge - even if people don't know it.
You want to be loved, adored, and worshiped. And you won't settle for anything less.
You're going to be a total star, and you won't let any of the "little people" get in your way.
Just remember, piggy, never eat more than you can lift!


along the same lines...

...as my previous post...i just found out that i was accepted into the graduate nursing program at Ohio State! i'm really excited!!!

i will soon be Emily, B.A., M.S., R.N., M.S.N., N.P.

i'm planning on putting all of that on my checks. :)

i don't find out about the fellowship until march 13, but i've definitely been nominated for it. keep your fingers crossed, please!

yay for being closer to doclegs, too!


well, even though *i* still haven't received my GRE scores, i emailed Ohio State to find out if they had. they did and my scores made me eligible for the fellowship i want (thankfully - it would have been quite the waste of time and money had i not scored high enough!). i ended up with a 5.5/6 on the writing section. i'm interested to see if some kind of critique comes with my scores (when i finally receive them). she said something about the admissions committee making a decision today...it would be great to find out so soon about what i'll be doing next year!

classes are going well so far. this quarter promises to be a lot of work! i'm home for lunch and heading back out shortly for jazz.
yay! it's done. and i think i did ok.

now...time for a nap and then work...(i'm working 10 out of the next 11 days - go me!).
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! only 2 hours until i take the GRE. i feel so not ready. i hope that i get an essay topic on which i have some coherent thoughts...otherwise it's going to be a whole lot of bullshitting for me!

also, it's so icy around here that my mom's school was cancelled today. here's hoping my little civic makes it up our steep, icy driveway and that i don't crash on the way to the test building!

i think i have nervous hiccups now - is there such a thing???

loooooooooooooove it

Your 2005 Song Is

Trapped in the Closet by R. Kelly

"And now I'm in this darkest closet trying to figure out
Just how I'm gonna get my crazy ass out this house"

For you, 2005 was all about insane drama!

of course, i get the most ridiculous song of 2005 as my result. oh wait, my humps was the most ridiculous song...click here for lyrics to my humps if you're interested...but i don't know how you could not be...that song is a train wreckCollapse )

stolen from rockergrrlie

Take the first sentence from the first entry of each month of 2005...

January: i love it when i'm laying in bed, playing fetch with my puppy, and she brings the ball back, flying onto the bed so enthusiastically, drops the ball right by my hand and proceeds to vomit partially-digested food onto the duvet cover.

February: oy life is crazy right now!

March: it's amazing how soon after coming home i feel like shit again.

April: updating b/c i'm bored at work.

May: busy weekend - spent time with B on friday night - i think we both enjoyed ourselves, with the added bonuses of coldstone creamery and a random drag queen in my building's elevator.

June: i don't know quite what to write, how to process what has happened, what has changed.

July: i bought some pretty flowers and some yummy Michigan cherries on my way home from work last night.

August: oy.

September: the wedding weekend was a lot of fun...pics are here.

October: just checked my grades online...got a 35/36 on my anatomy lecture exam!

November: been a fairly blah week.

December: i keep thinking that i want to update, but don't really have anything good to say...
don't know if any of you have seen this already...it's kind of mean, but pretty funny. :)